Leveraging the Social Web

If you're like most indie authors, you already understand the power of word of mouth and of social media to drive book sales, even if you're reluctant to tweet, post or google chat online. Guest blogger, Tanisha Williams, the brains behind the ChatEBooks distribution and social media site, has stopped by today to talk about leveraging the social web for self-published authors and how it … [Read more...]

How to Polish your Online Reputation in 5 Easy Steps

Today, I'm pleased to welcome Kimberley Laws, who has kindly agreed to stop by to chat about polishing your online persona. Take it away, Kimberley... Does your staff snicker behind your back? Have the locals taken to pointing at you and laughing when they see you downtown? If you haven’t committed an outrageous faux pas and you don’t have a piece of toilet paper perpetually stuck to the … [Read more...]

A Real Romance Love as it should be written

I know that I owe you all a post about marketing and promotion, and probably another post about editing, but first off I wanted to share with you the joy of reading a novel that really resonates with you. As writers, we need to make sure we're never too time poor to read. I'm lucky in that I frequently encounter other indie authors who are as inspiring as they are talented, and whose … [Read more...]

Return on Investment Where Best to Splash Your Advertising Cash

Every now and again, I reach a point of total disillusion with my book sales. In the past, this has usually resulted in a knee-jerk reaction to either raise or lower prices, to hit the relevant permitted "spam" threads of all of those sites I frequent, and to tweet up a storm, usually with negligible effect. However, since I released Cruxim, I have been trying to work to a broader … [Read more...]

Dark & Clever Fiction: I am Eternal

For as long as there's been a Vatican the Church has hunted Simeon Magus. He is tired of running... Simeon Magus has been alive... undead nearly two millennia. He has watched the undead go from myth to adored celebrity and he exists, hiding from a determined and lethal group of hunters who do not listen to reason and won't stop until he's destroyed. Simeon witnessed and lived … [Read more...]

Why Hitting the “Bigtime” is a Myth

A few weeks ago, an author friend of mine who has had some real success selling on Amazon (we're talking shifting tens of thousands of books in the first few months of publishing her novel) told me she felt disillusioned. Even though some of her books were selling great guns, and she really felt like she'd hit the bigtime with one of her novels, every time a new book was released, it was … [Read more...]

Want to Be Popular? First step: visibility

We all know that if we want our books to sell, and sell well, it pays to make sure that we're somewhere in the visible range on Amazon. The problem is, that's harder than it sounds! There are over a million books on Amazon.com and even more if we count the paperbacks on Create Space, so how do we stop our books from languishing down in the 100,000s and get them up to someplace where … [Read more...]

I Just Self-published, Now What? 8 easy steps to starting to sell books online

I am a member of a number of awesome Facebook groups and online forums where authors go to congregate, congratulate, snipe or celebrate, depending on their mindset and whether their books are selling. And I often see freshly pressed self-published authors who are languishing in that post publish vacuum and wondering "So where to next?" There are no guarantees that your book will sell, … [Read more...]

Should You Appear in Your Book Trailer?

As a follow up to David Le Roy's article on book trailers, I'm joined by Australian editor Belinda Pollard who has kindly shared an article from her blog, www.smallbluedog.com, about whether you, as the author, should feature in your own trailer. Q. When is it absolutely right for an author to appear in his/her own book trailer? A. When the book is a very personal story. Book … [Read more...]

The Art of the Trailer Visually connect with potential readers

Guest Blogger David LeRoy, author of The Siren of Paris, has kindly put together some notes on supplementing your marketing efforts by creating a book trailer. Trailers are a fun, visual way to represent your novel and perhaps put it before a wider audience. And who knows, an intriguing trailer just might be enough to interest a film-maker in optioning a longer feature based on your … [Read more...]