Adding Literary Devices to Up the Ante

I know that I haven't found time to post to the site for ages, but it is largely because I've been concentrating on my own writing, and life in general. So today, some writing "craft" words. Some time back, I wrote a post on literary devices and techniques that bestselling writers often incorporate in their novels. At the time, I meant to go on and do a second post, and maybe even a … [Read more...]

Divine Intervention: Author Style M. Edward McNally's Indie Prayer

Sometimes, when we're not considering sacrificing a few goats to the god of Zon or selling our souls for a 10K bump in sales rank, all of us indie authors feel the need for a little help from above, or below, or sideways, or wherever you feel a divine presence is located (pray tell!). So today, because it is Friday and because I'm shrugging off a less than enthusiastic review and because … [Read more...]

Return on Investment Where Best to Splash Your Advertising Cash

Every now and again, I reach a point of total disillusion with my book sales. In the past, this has usually resulted in a knee-jerk reaction to either raise or lower prices, to hit the relevant permitted "spam" threads of all of those sites I frequent, and to tweet up a storm, usually with negligible effect. However, since I released Cruxim, I have been trying to work to a broader … [Read more...]

I Just Self-published, Now What? 8 easy steps to starting to sell books online

I am a member of a number of awesome Facebook groups and online forums where authors go to congregate, congratulate, snipe or celebrate, depending on their mindset and whether their books are selling. And I often see freshly pressed self-published authors who are languishing in that post publish vacuum and wondering "So where to next?" There are no guarantees that your book will sell, … [Read more...]

Should You Appear in Your Book Trailer?

As a follow up to David Le Roy's article on book trailers, I'm joined by Australian editor Belinda Pollard who has kindly shared an article from her blog,, about whether you, as the author, should feature in your own trailer. Q. When is it absolutely right for an author to appear in his/her own book trailer? A. When the book is a very personal story. Book … [Read more...]

Warrior Poets How writing can soothe a troubled soul

"Nobody believes in Hell—until they get there" is the powerful first line of  Ghosts of Babylon, a newly released novel by R.A. Mathis who joins me as a special guest today on Indie Review Tracker. As writers, it is our job to plumb the depths of human nature, even if that sometimes means delving into darkness, but spare a thought for those whose day jobs lead them into dark places every … [Read more...]

What Is a Beta Reader? And why do I need one?

In a post that first ran on her blog, Australian author and editor Belinda Pollard elaborates on why you need beta readers. You might have seen the term "beta reader" as you're browsing writing websites. Basically, a beta reader gives you feedback on your finished manuscript, so you can adjust it before you set it loose on the world. The term has been adapted from the software … [Read more...]

How NOT to Use Social Media Stalkers, spammers & other social media misfits

When I first started to use Twitter, it was, if I'm honest, under duress. Like most people, I had wondered what the fuss was about and why authors "needed" this newfandangled 140-character tool to help them sell books. I just didn't get it. But ... I wanted to make friends and influence people, and hopefully shift some books in the process, so I signed up. Owning it: mistakes I'm not … [Read more...]

Writing E-books for Kids Keep it fun, fast, and colorful

Like so many indies in the E-age, my guest blogger today, Laura Yirak, is a multitasker who writes for both children and adults. Her beautiful, bright kids book are a big hit with the little ones. I asked to share her experience of working with an illustrator. Writing for children just happened for me. I have two little ones, and I noticed that every night while putting them to bed, … [Read more...]

Twitter: Friend or Foe? When, why & how to tweet

Guest blogger Alexander Tate explores the Twittersphere to report on the best times and days to tweet, how to get involved using hashtag conversations and "future tweeting," how to avoid common pitfalls, and why some people feel Twitter is not the "cure all" for our promotional ills that it might at first appear to be. There is no question that social networking has become the online … [Read more...]