Adding Literary Devices to Up the Ante

I know that I haven't found time to post to the site for ages, but it is largely because I've been concentrating on my own writing, and life in general. So today, some writing "craft" words. Some time back, I wrote a post on literary devices and techniques that bestselling writers often incorporate in their novels. At the time, I meant to go on and do a second post, and maybe even a … [Read more...]

Return on Investment Where Best to Splash Your Advertising Cash

Every now and again, I reach a point of total disillusion with my book sales. In the past, this has usually resulted in a knee-jerk reaction to either raise or lower prices, to hit the relevant permitted "spam" threads of all of those sites I frequent, and to tweet up a storm, usually with negligible effect. However, since I released Cruxim, I have been trying to work to a broader … [Read more...]

Looking back on 2012; forecasting for 2013

As 2012 is done and dusted, I thought it would be an opportune time to reflect on some of the challenges independently published authors faced in the year just past, and to make some basic predictions about how things might continue to change in 2013 and how indie authors might capitalise on opportunities that arise. Bear in mind that I first self-published via Smashwords and Kindle … [Read more...]

Want to Be Popular? First step: visibility

We all know that if we want our books to sell, and sell well, it pays to make sure that we're somewhere in the visible range on Amazon. The problem is, that's harder than it sounds! There are over a million books on and even more if we count the paperbacks on Create Space, so how do we stop our books from languishing down in the 100,000s and get them up to someplace where … [Read more...]

I Just Self-published, Now What? 8 easy steps to starting to sell books online

I am a member of a number of awesome Facebook groups and online forums where authors go to congregate, congratulate, snipe or celebrate, depending on their mindset and whether their books are selling. And I often see freshly pressed self-published authors who are languishing in that post publish vacuum and wondering "So where to next?" There are no guarantees that your book will sell, … [Read more...]

What Is a Beta Reader? And why do I need one?

In a post that first ran on her blog, Australian author and editor Belinda Pollard elaborates on why you need beta readers. You might have seen the term "beta reader" as you're browsing writing websites. Basically, a beta reader gives you feedback on your finished manuscript, so you can adjust it before you set it loose on the world. The term has been adapted from the software … [Read more...]

Know Your eBook Formats

For those of you who are new to eBook creation and formatting, Heather Adkins—author of The Temple and founder of Cyberwitch Press—has put together this handy guide to the major electronic formats. Free conversion programs, such as Calibre or Sigil, can help you convert files into several formats so your eBook can be read on different types of eReader, but using a professional formatter … [Read more...]

How to Make it Big as an Indie Tweet, blog & hustle

Cheryl Bradshaw, author of the wildly successful Sloane Monroe series, which has seen her placed at number 39 on the Top 100 Indies list for July 2012, is also well known to more than 1200 indie authors as the founder and moderator of Indie Writers Unite Facebook page. Today she shares some words of wisdom about creating a platform, promoting online, and hustling to reach your goals. … [Read more...]

Making Your E-book Free? Read this first!

Slashing your e-book price and making it free–either the "old fashioned" way (by reducing your price on Smashwords or other online retailers and alerting Amazon), or by running free promotions on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program—can be a great way to increase your book's Amazon ranking, however temporarily. It will expose your work to a wider, although non-paying, audience in … [Read more...]

The Indie Author Stigma The stink of excellence and independence

Today’s guest blogger, journalist-turned-dark-fantasy-novelist Red Tash, explains why going the indie route is hard work, why indie novelists must invest in their work, and why you'll have to ignore the “stink” of the indie stigma. Well. Hi, there. So, you’ve decided to become an indie author. What took you so long? No, wait, don’t tell me. You wanted to be traditionally published, … [Read more...]

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