Celebrating New Releases Cured by Donna Huston Murray

I’m happy to announce that I’m now running a new feature on Indie Review Tracker. Once a month, I aim to showcase a new release by an an indie author.

CURED by Donna Huston Murray

This month’s featured NEW RELEASE is Cured by Donna Huston Murray.

Cancer survivor and ex-cop, Lauren Beck, is surrounded by hostility. Her friends, phone, home, credit and credibility are all gone, severed with surgical precision by an enemy intent on framing her for murder. Is it one of the insureds she was hired to investigate? The fellow employee she upstaged? Does the daughter of her landlady and dear friend, Corinne Wilder, hate her even more than she thought?  Whoever targeted Lauren Beck–beware! She knows how to fight for her life.

Donna saw that I was thinking about offering this service and gave me a nudge into starting it a little earlier than I had planned, which just goes to show that it pays to be proactive! She sent me her cover, designed by Daniel Middleton at Scribe Freelance, which grabbed my attention, and she included some early reviews. I could immediately see that this was an author with the skills and  the promotional chops to take her novels far. Here’s what some of her early readers have said about an advance review copy of Cured:

“[Murray] handles loss and death’s unfairness with aplomb, rendering it moving without being depressing. Combined with a tightly woven and believable plot, the story moves at a great pace … Beck’s toughness and humanity are so well drawn that when she was without a place to stay, I ached to take her in.” Judith Skillings, author of the Rebecca Moore series

“Beck is a genuine and complex character with just enough humor and vulnerability to make her immediately likeable. This is an intriguing mystery with no drag in pace or suspense. Beck faces one obstacle after another, and just as one seems to be overcome, another takes its place. But she perseveres until she uncovers a crime so heinous that it shocks even her jaded sensibilities. CURED is a wonderful start to a new series by Donna Huston Murray. I am already hooked on Lauren Beck and cannot wait for the next installment.” Kathleen Anne Barrett, President of the Delaware Valley Sisters in Crime, is the author of the Milwaukee Mystery Series

“Lauren Beck is a welcome addition to the female investigator circuit and readers of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and Sue Grafton’s Kelsey Milhorne series will love her – she is funny, smart, creative and thoughtful.   As both a cancer survivor and a prosecutor involved in law enforcement, I already love Beck’s straightforward, no-nonsense, funny strong voice –  and I can’t wait to see what she does next.”   Nancy Beam Winter, Prosecutor and former Asst. District Attorney

So be sure to grab a copy of Donna’s book Cured today from: 

Amazon UK
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If you would like to feature your new release on Indie Review Tracker showcase, keep your eyes peeled for a release on the site next week that will include a form for New Release requests. The books chosen are entirely at my discretion, based on my assessment of the cover, the sample and the blurb. I’m a one-person band here at Indie Review Tracker, so sometimes even celebrating one new release a month will be a stretch, so please be patient and understanding if I can’t feature your title.

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