Our Reviewers


Marcus Mack userpic Name: Marcus Mack
Age: 48
Occupation: Neurologist doctorGraduated from the Medical University of Warsaw with the specialization in neurology. Marcus has an extremely high level of expertise and competence in the subject, participated in various projects both at national and international level. He defended his thesis on special methods of brain surgeries following the concussions occurring in sportsmen, and later joined the international workgroup of consultants for professional sport with famous football team and boxers among his key customers. In our project Marcus fulfills the role of the general administrator and key scientific expert, as well as a coordinator responsible for contacting international bodies in the area of pharmaceutical industry.
Michael Farrow userpic Name: Michael Farrow
Age: 36
Occupation: IT SpecialistHigh School of Telecommunications of Prague. The youngest in our team but nevertheless having the longest history of participation in our project. Michael has started his professional career while in school, continued working part-time during his university study and joined us immediately after graduation, however already having a quite extensive portfolio. In our project he is responsible for all technical issues – i.e. checking the platform and the search engine of reviewed sites, testing them and assessing their functionality, user-friendliness and general efficiency. He is combining the functions of a tester with the role of technical engineer to maintain our own resource.
Paul Goff userpic Name: Paul Goff
Age: 32
Occupation: Web SpecialistRepine St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Quite surprisingly, Paul is a US citizen, who studied Art and Painting in U.S. followed by 3 years in Russia in one of the most well-known and respected artistic institutions of globe. The artistic background accounts for his superb feeling of color and form, understanding of harmony and beauty. Owing to him our readers get a n undoubtedly professional assessment of web-interface of the sites and resources reviewed by our service.
Ramon Clinton userpic Name: Ramon Clinton
Age: 56
Occupation: Lawyer4 years of working experience with a legal consultancy in the Berlin, private practice and real good ability to learn new staff. This person fulfills the most difficult job in our contemporary world, where the legislation on IT is still mostly underdeveloped in many of its manifestations. Ramon checks the contents and services provided by the vendors, on-line drugstores and their suppliers networks and tells his judgment on whether it is in compliance with the existing legal provisions.
Meera Amaira userpic Name: Meera Amaira
Age: 26
Occupation: PharmacistDetroit vocational school of pharmacy. Meera is a practical pharmacist, who worked in a real drugstore for 7 years, so she really touched and smelled all the products he is writing about. Her duty is to check the range of products offered by the apothecaries, OTC and prescribed medications, their composition, manufacturers and the completeness of offer.