computer mouse on colored pillsOur web-site is devoted to show buyers what pharmacies are legal and which online drug stores have dubious reputation.

Online pharmacies are gaining more and more supporters every day, and more and more people are making online purchases of medicines, medical equipment and other products that can be bought in a regular pharmacy. This happens due to several factors that we want to consider in this article and show the pros and cons. In this article, we will check the reviews of the most popular online pharmacies in US. All factors will be considered objectivily.

The strongest and largest plus of most web pharmacies is related to their origins, namely online stores. Many companies wanted to organize online sales, because they realized that innovation is quickly becoming the norm. And if these innovations allow you to save money- it’s the best option for business. Therefore, the appearance of the first online stores meant discounts or just low prices. Then web-sites were improved and the way of ordering the goods was simplified and the idea of online store or a pharmacy existing with low prices in US – had a place to be. For buyers it is a huge advantage.

For internet stores – it is a huge privilege, due to the fact that they do not have to spend money on utility costs, rent and other physical expenses for a physical drugstore. It is enough to have a warehouse, which is already in the majority of shops, as well as several people who would process orders, but these costs are much lower, and the coverage does not have a limit.

Many users believe that delivery to date in internet pharmacies is a huge disadvantage, as it is legally forbidden to deliver medicines by courier, for example by mail.

How is the delivery process happening?

The law does not prohibit the delivery of medical equipment, medical products, cosmetics and other goods to the courier by the courier, except for medicinal products. So many pharmacies successfully deliver the allowed goods throughout US.

Goods which can not be delivered by courier are offered to buy at a low price and pick up at the pharmacy network or affiliate pharmacy.

Another advantage of web pharmacies:

  • Anonymous counseling – you do not need to communicate with a pharmacist and with strangers in the queue same time. It is enough to call or write in an online chat.
  • Online instructions, analogues and other useful information, which usually have to be specified and wait until the pharmacist finds the answer.

Saving the history of purchases – you can always look in your account, what and when you bought and at what price.